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What Happens When You Give

What Happens When You Give is an easy, done-for-you thank you system for donors to your church. We’ve created a mailable, inspirational booklet you can put in the hands of all your donors.

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What Happens When You Give simply said is an easy, done-for-you thank you system for first time donors to your church.

What Do You Send People Who Give Money To Your Church?

Most people in your church have their fair share of financial challenges. Any time they give to the vision and mission of your church, it is a big step and a spiritual act. It’s a sign that their heart is beating more in step with Jesus. It’s about faith more than it is about finances. As a church leader, you should celebrate their decision to give and thank them for tithing. It will help you be more humble, and it will encourage them to give again.

Some churches send a form letter, but that’s cold and impersonal. Some churches send books on tithing or generosity, but those are expensive. Most churches actually send nothing.

That’s why we created What Happens When You Give, a revolutionary new tool to thank donors in your church.

What Is What Happens When You Give?

We’ve created a mailable, inspirational booklet you can put in the hands of all your donors. Each case includes 48 full-color booklets and 48 blank envelopes and thank you cards that you can mail to first time donors or consistent givers. You can even include them when you send out your contribution statements. They don’t have our logo on them, so it will look like they come from your church.

This is a great resource that will not only show appreciation to people who currently tithe, but it will also inspire those who don’t!

Here’s What People are Saying About What Happens When You Give

Don’t take our word for it. Here is some REAL feedback from REAL pastors using these tools in their church.

“I have more fun writing thank you notes than almost any other thing I do each week! Monday has been turned into celebration day and thank-you day around our office.” – John Hampton

“Here at Cumberland Church, over a year ago, we started sending the first time giver thank you cards. It has had a direct correlation on church income increasing. Of course the increased giving is giving us the ability to do more ministry. Several donors have even caught me to say it was the nicest card they had ever received. Thank you for reminding us to always show appreciation for those who are generously supporting our mission.” – Brian Smith

Three Ways You Can Use What Happens When You Give

  1. Mail them to everyone who gives money to your church for the first time. Keep a case on someone’s desk, and whenever someone makes a first time donation, write a thank you note and drop a booklet in the mail. It’s a powerful act of gratefulness that will make a big difference.
  2. Send them to regular givers. Run a report of consistent givers or families who have given a certain amount of money. Send a thank you note and one of these booklets to each of them. You can get your team or some volunteers to help.
  3. Give one to everyone after a sermon on money. The next time you preach on giving, money or stewardship, put one of these in the hands of each family as they leave the service.

Here is What Will Happen When You Thank Your Donors

  1. Donor confidence will increase. A simple thank you note lets people know you received their donation. They know you have a system for handling the money.
  2. People will know their gift is important. Don’t be surprised if you get notes or emails in return, because people aren’t used to this kind of personal gratitude.
  3. People will give more. Don’t get me wrong – you should thank donors because it’s the right thing to do. But when people feel appreciated, they are far more likely to give again.

*We also offer custom covers so that you can put your church’s name and logo on the booklets. Minimum order of 10 cases required. Email for more information.

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