Our Story

Who Are We?

Below is a quick glimpse of how The Rocket Company helps churches breakthrough.

Through years of personal interaction with thousands of churches, we've seen three key issues rise to the top.

  1. Churches tend to have more vision than money.
  2. There's pressure to prepare a new sermon every week.
  3. There is always a need to find, train and keep volunteers and staff.

Giving Rocket was Born

So we started GivingRocket.com in 2010 to help churches have more money for ministry through increased giving. Our goal was to provide top shelf ministry coaching at affordable pricing.

Giving Rocket

Giving Wasn't the Only Problem

We quickly learned that money wasn't the only issue affecting senior leaders. There was great pain in preaching, as well.

We knew that the church and unchurched alike choose churches based on preaching. Most pastors don't have a coaching system or any plan for improvement. The sermon may not be the most important thing the pastor does, but it's certainly the most visible. In 2012, we partnered with our friend, Jeff Henderson and PreachingRocket.com was born. Over 30,000 pastors around the world watched the kickoff event.

Preaching Rocket

That same year we also launched VolunteerRocket.com with Tony Morgan and WorshipRocket.com with Todd Fields.

A Community Began

Pastors weren't just connecting with the rocket coaching content but to the Rocket community and our team. The more connected pastors became, the more successful the coaching was in their church.


Pastors know everyone, but are usually known by no one. Pastors began talking about life with each other. As we were providing great content and coaching, the pastors were becoming some of our best friends. We received messages, chats, texts and tweets about life stuff - real stuff. Pastors told us about being lonely, their marriage issues, their children being gay and spouses walking out.

While we thought the biggest need was giving, we began to see it was actually life in general. Pastors are real people with real lives and need a community to belong to that is deeper than the next eBook or blog.
They need a place to share life.

Our Vision is to Help You as a Church Leader Breakthrough

  • 10,000+ church leaders served
  • 20-30% increase in regular giving and church funding

We want to help churches with more than just giving, preaching, volunteers, or worship. We want to help churches, period. The mission of The Rocket Company is bigger than any specific topic.

How can we serve you or your church?

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