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Worship Rocket

Worship Rocket:

Grow your church with a results-based system that produces the worship service you want. Created with our partner, Todd Fields, Worship Rocket helps take your worship services from average to outstanding.

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Giving Rocket

Giving Rocket

When you leverage this Coaching System, your church will experience AT LEAST a 53rd week of annual revenue this year, if not a 13th MONTH, or you can email us on January 2nd and ask for a full refund.  No Questions Asked.

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Preaching Rocket

Preaching Rocket

Want to deliver memorable and engaging Sermons week-after-week? This is the number one way to increase weekly attendance and influence so you can grow your church. Preaching Rocket shows you how to do that as well as get your personal time back from grueling sermon preparation.

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Systems Rocket

Sunday Morning Systems

There's so much that goes into engaging people. It's a much broader picture that starts in the parking lot, exists in the hallways, and extends to the people running sound behind your console. Join us on this journey as we help you grow your church while crafting better services for you and your people.

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With Over 10,000 Church Partners, The Rocket Company exists to Help Church Leaders Breakthrough Everyday Barriers

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