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Volunteer Rocket Coaching Program

A step-by-step program to help you gain, train and retain volunteers with how-to coaching, done-for-you resources, and real church examples and interviews.

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Volunteer Rocket is delivered in twelve modules of coaching. Each module comes with a coaching video, listening guide and an eBook so you can share the information with your team. Whether you want to listen, watch or read, we make it easy for you.

Here is everything you will learn with Volunteer Rocket

Module 1: The foundations of a healthy volunteer ministry
Module 2: How to organize your volunteer ministry for success
Module 3: How to attract volunteers to your volunteer teams
Module 4: How to train volunteers without wasting anybody’s time
Module 5: Connecting new volunteers quick so they stick
Module 6: How to inspire and engage volunteers so they don’t burn out
Module 7: How to monitor the effectiveness of your volunteer ministry
Module 8: How to Accelerate Your Leadership
Module 9: How to Build a Leadership System
Module 10: How to Coach Your Leaders
Module 11: How to Drive Your Leadership System
Module 12: How to Examine Your Leadership System

Every module in Volunteer Rocket includes a coaching video, mp3 and eBook. Each coaching video includes an action step.

You'll get a TON of done-for-you resources. Here's a sample of what you get

  1.  A volunteer health survey – use this to survey your volunteers and learn how they really feel.
  2. Culture worksheet – an internal worksheet your staff or team can use to describe the current state of your volunteer ministry and chart where you want to go
  3. Sermon – one sermon on volunteering with a message outline, PowerPoint file and graphics.
  4. Volunteer Org Chart Template – use this to design and keep track of your entire volunteer ministry
  5. Sign up card – editable sign up card you can use to attract interest in serving
  6. 100 volunteer job descriptions – children’s ministry, guest services, worship and admin job descriptions so you can provide written clarity
  7. A done for you training meeting – everything you need to do a one-time training meeting.
  8. A done for you appreciation event – everything you need to do a big appreciation event for all of your volunteers
  9. A 30-day new volunteer checklist – this checklist will help you onboard and connect a new volunteer
  10. Phone call scripts to thank volunteers – call your volunteers for no reason except to say thanks….this script will help you
  11. Twelve done-for-you encouraging emails – send an encouraging email to all of your volunteers at least once a month. If you can cut and paste, you can inspire your volunteers.
  12. Volunteer Training – information you can use to train specific leaders in your church
  13. Family Ministry Volunteer Application – a Word document application you can customize and use with your children and student ministry teams

With Volunteer Rocket you also get REAL church examples and interviews, including:

  1. Interview with Louie Lovoy from Northpoint
  2. Interview with Amy Leigh Bamburg from Church of the Highlands
  3. Interview with Austin Porter from Freedom Church.
  4. Case Study on Church of the Highlands
  5. Case study on Granger Community Church
  6. Case study on Freedom Church
  7. Case study on Northpoint Community Church
  8. Case study on Frazer United Methodist
  9. Case study on Revolution Church

*This is a digital resource. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to download this resource.

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