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Thrive is a new kind of campaign that will help you raise money for anything in 120 days. It’s like a surge of energy (and a bullet-proof strategy) for your annual funding plan.

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Build an incredible future on a properly funded ministry with Thrive. Increase operational funds and change lives.

Let Us Ask You A Few Questions...

  1. Do you need to hire much needed staff positions?
  2. Do you need to raise money for a multi-site campus?
  3. Are you ready to build financial margin quickly?
  4. Do you want to move inconsistent givers to consistent givers?
  5. Do you want to invest money into marketing campaigns to reach more people?
  6. Do you need more money for all your ministry areas?

We’ve worked with hundreds of churches who answered “Yes” to those questions. That’s why we started Giving Rocket, and that’s why we created Thrive.

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a campaign, but it’s not your typical fundraising campaign.

First, there’s no high priced consultant. You can do all of this yourself, and we’ll give you a step-by-step process. We’ll coach you through ten training videos, and give you worksheets, documents, graphics, media, sermon notes and more. In short, you’ll have everything you need to do to execute this campaign and raise money to meet your objectives.

Secondly, THRIVE works with your existing structure. That means no awkward small group meetings added to your calendar. You’re not going to hijack your church for a year, and you’re not going to use people for their money. Thrive isn’t about what you want from people; it’s what you want for them.

Third, THRIVE lasts 120 days. We have led more than 50 churches through this initiative, and EVERY church has raised anywhere from 10-50% of their annual budget. Small churches, large churches, rural churches, suburban churches and city churches have done this campaign. THRIVE will take the pain out of raising money.

What Are People Saying?

“Any pastor ought to do this. It has literally changed how I think strategically through every single service and how I lead people in our church to become like God has made us to be – GENEROUS. The net result has been Christians throwing off the chains of the consumerist, greed filled Christian culture that we have created and exchanging that life for a life of generosity. The best part of all of this is more lives changed! If you are a pastor worried about paying $333 a month for this for 3 months, I can personally promise you from experience that it will pay for itself 420 times over in one day (we took in $84,000 in one day to kick off our initiative!!!)”
-Pastor Zak White, Revolution Church

“If you want what you’re currently getting, keep doing what you’re currently doing. Prior to Thrive, we had a growing church that was just adequately funded. I was tired of so many areas of the ministry thriving but our finances only surviving. You can’t build an incredible future on an underfunded ministry, so I was ready to try something different. We saw a 22% increase in operational income through Thrive and it’s helping change lives.”
– Carey Nieuwhof, pastor at Connexus Community Church in Barrie, Ontario

What’s Included in THRIVE?

This is the same content that we’ve taught to more than 50 churches through on-site consulting and weekend intensives. We show you exactly what to do, and give you all the stuff to make it happen. All of this is delivered instantly through the member’s only section of our website. No travel expenses!

Ten Teaching Videos

  1. Video #1: The Foundation of Financial Increase. In this video, we talk about the things you must have settled before beginning an initiative like this.
  2. Video #2: Clarifying Your Objectives. In this session, we’ll show you how to create and communicate goals. You might think this is simple, but it’s harder than you think.
  3. Video #3: Overview of the Process. We’ll give you a big picture of the 120 days, and teach you how to jump start the planning.
  4. Video #4: Who To Get In the Room. During this initiative, you’re going to get in front of existing teams and groups. We’ll show you who to get in the room.
  5. Video #5: What To Say When They Are In the Room. Who leads these meetings and what do you say? We’ll show you exactly how to lead what we call a “stream” meeting.
  6. Video #6: How to Have One on One Conversations. Sitting down with someone and asking for money is awkward…but we believe this way is better.
  7. Video #7: The Sermon Series. We’ll give you the framework (along with message notes, PowerPoint, small group questions, etc.) for a teaching series called THRIVE.
  8. Video #8: Church Wide Communication. The Sunday series is one part of the public communication, but what you communicate during the week is just as important. We’ll teach you how to do this (and give you Word documents full of letters and emails ready for you to cut and paste).
  9. Video #9: Commitment Day. Commitment Day can make or break you. Learn exactly how to receive commitments and jump start giving.
  10. Video #10: Follow up. All parts of the process are important, but it’s especially true about follow up. We’ll show you a simple way to follow up with people and help them honor their commitment.

Documents and Forms

  1. Objective worksheet
  2. Campaign timeline
  3. List of streams
  4. Cut and paste emails
  5. Cut and paste letters

Media and Samples

  1. Logos in various formats
  2. Sermon bumper videos
  3. Message PowerPoint and lower thirds
  4. Brochure
  5. Commitment card
  6. Offering envelope
  7. T-shirt design
  8. Fully-coded devotional website ready to be uploaded to your server
  9. Samples from other churches

One MASSIVE Question

Think about this for a moment. Is it a good investment to spend $997, if you would raise $10,000? Of course it is!