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Sermon Craft Notebook

One of the keys to better preaching is better preparation. This workbook is designed to help you craft messages that connect with your congregation.

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The Sermon Craft Notebook

A place to record, review, and recite important thoughts and verses.

Sermon Craft Notebook | Build The Boxes

This worksheet will help you starting thinking about the focus and goal of the message. Before you write, use this sheet to plan.

Sermon Craft Notebook | Craft A Sticky Statement

Once you know the direction of a message, use this worksheet to brainstorm a memorable bottom line. When you craft a statement that sticks, you’ll be ready to repeat it throughout the message.

Sermon Craft Notebook | Scribble Notes & Thoughts

Write down verses, stories, notes and thoughts as you begin to craft your message.

Sermon Craft Notebook | Write Your Outline

Pull it all together in a simple outline.

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