know the numbers the rocket company

Know the Numbers

Developing healthy financial systems occurs when you know the numbers. Systems don’t happen by accident. In fact, the opposite occurs. You’ve got to be intentional. The good news is that you can get started RIGHT NOW and it’s not complicated.

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KNOW THE NUMBERS: A Broke Proof System for Budgeting, Reporting, Bookkeeping and Leading Finance Teams

When you commit to know the numbers, and put the systems in place to help you do so, you’ll have more peace and less stress. Dollars will flow to ministry without stressing out the entire team. You will be able to lead at a higher level.

know the numbers the rocket company

Know The Numbers will teach you:

  • How to create a church budget that actually works
  • The #1 secret to making a broke proof church budget
  • The seven numbers you and your team need to know
  • How to read a profit and loss statement and other important financial statements
  • The qualities of a good bookkeeper + a sample job description
  • The kind of people to put on your finance team
  • The one thing NOT to do with your finance team
  • What to do at finance team meetings

Know The Numbers Includes:

  • A 14 page, step-by-step guide on the what, why, and how to know your church numbers
  • A customizable spreadsheet to help you track attendance and giving
  • Illustrated balance sheets and financial statements

*This is a digital resource. After purchase, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to download this resource.

Know The Numbers Results:

When you create a strong finance team, a defined budget, and know your numbers, you can continually monitor and respond to the financial health of your church before it’s too late.