Christmas Offering Coaching

Imagine what it would be like if you could take your average offering size 52 weeks a year and double, triple or quadruple it?

The Christmas Coaching System will do that with precision.  

You have to deploy an intentional system that helps your church move toward massive action. Use the Christmas Coaching Offering System to make December the strongest giving month of the year!

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The Christmas Offering Coaching System is a 4-week, 4-lesson online training program that will help you:

  • Find your purpose
  • Create a calendar
  • Tell your church
  • Do the day
  • Say thank you

Christmas Coaching Offering Curriculum & Schedule

Lesson 1 – Find Your Purpose & Create A Calendar

  • How to gain confidence by clarifying your goals for year end giving
  • How to create unity among your top staff and volunteer leaders
  • Step-by-step plan of what you need to do and when

Lesson 2 – Tell Your Church

  • Top 5 Communication Secrets
  • How to clearly communicate the vision of the Christmas Offering
  • How to get everyone on the same page of what you’re asking them to do
  • How to use the email, direct mail and in-person communications

Lesson 3 – Do The Day

  • Top mistakes churches make on big offering days
  • How to structure your worship service that day
  • What to say from the stage that will motivate donors to give

Lesson 4 – Say Thank You

  • How to say thank you so people will give again
  • How to follow up with people who missed the big day
  • How to leverage the week after Christmas for last minute donations

Plus, you’re going to get the Planning Kit to save you time preparing and planning your Christmas Offering.

Christmas Offering Coaching Includes:

  1. Checklist so you don’t forget anything
  2. Timeline so you know what to do when
  3. Goal Grid to know if your offering is successful
  4. Worksheet to write out your church’s goals
  5. Example order of service for the offering day
  6. Top 5 communication secrets for the Christmas offering

Our goal is to give you everything you need, so we have included a few bonus resources for you.


With the media kit, you don’t need to hire anyone else to create the graphics and videos for your Christmas Offering. It’s all done for you. You’ll get:

  1. Ready-to-use logos and editable files (PNG and PSD files)
  2. Screen graphics (JPG files)
  3. Standard & wide screen dimensions
  4. 33-second bumper video to introduce the Christmas Offering (MOV files)
  5. Simple commitment card in ready-to-use and editable formats (PDF and PSD files)
  6. Effective offering envelope templates in ready-to-use and editable formats (PDF and PSD files)


You’ll receive:

  • Four Giving Talks
    • Giving Talk to announce the offering (three weeks before offering)
    • Giving Talk two weeks before offering
    • Giving Talk week before offering
    • Giving Talk week of offering
  • 17-page Giving Talk eBook on how to use these scripts effectively
  • Letters that are written for you and ready to send
    • Letter 1: send to church inviting them to participate
    • Letter 2: send to church with special offering envelopes
    • Letter 3: send to participants of the offering
    • Letter 4: those that didn’t participate
  • Emails that are written for you and ready to send
    • Email 1: send to church with online donation link
    • Email 2: send to church inviting them to join you in praying for the offering
    • Email 3: send to church with the link to give online
    • Email 4: send to participants of the offering
    • Email 5: those that didn’t participate
    • Email 6: send for year-end giving link and office hours
    • Email 7: send for year-end giving link


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