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Volunteer Rocket is a revolutionary system that will help you gain, train, and retain volunteers in 120 days.
Volunteer Rocket
Volunteer Rocket will help you gain, train and retain great volunteers

For a limited time…

You can test drive Volunteer Rocket, a step-by-step program to help you gain, train and retain volunteers with how-to coaching, done-for-you resources, and real church examples and interviews FREE for 7-days.


Yes, I want to test drive Volunteer Rocket FREE for 7-Days


What is Volunteer Rocket and What do I get?

You can get Volunteer Rocket, a step-by-step program to help you gain, train and retain volunteers with all the how-to coaching, done-for-you resources, and real church examples and interviews. It’s delivered in seven modules of coaching. Each module comes with a coaching video, listening guide and an eBook so you can share the information with your team. Whether you want to listen, watch or read, we make it easy for you.



Your FREE module: The Foundations of a Healthy Volunteer Ministry

In the first module, you will learn:

  • How to lay a foundation for a successful volunteer ministry
  • How to create a healthy volunteer culture
  • How to put together your culture worksheet

You will get immediate access to:

  • The first coaching video
  • The listening Guide
  • An eBook you can send to your team to read before you discuss the video
  • Access to the resource vault

After your 7-day FREE test drive, you’ll get access to six more modules each month:

  • Module 2: How to organize your volunteer ministry for success
  • Module 3: How to attract volunteers to your volunteer teams
  • Module 4: How to train volunteers without wasting anybody’s time
  • Module 5: Connecting new volunteers quick so they stick
  • Module 6: How to inspire and engage volunteers so they don’t burn out
  • Module 7: How to monitor the effectiveness of your volunteer ministry Every module includes a coaching video, mp3 and eBook.

Each coaching video includes an action step.

Follow the plan and work the system. The result will be more volunteers and better volunteers

Yes, I want to test drive Volunteer Rocket FREE for 7-Days

You’ll get a TON of done-for-you resources in the resource vault.
Here’s a sample…

A volunteer health survey – use this to survey your volunteers and learn how they really feel.
Culture worksheet – an internal worksheet your staff or team can use to describe the current state of your volunteer ministry and chart where you want to go
Sermon – one sermon on volunteering with a message outline, PowerPoint file and graphics
Volunteer Org Chart Template – use this to design and keep track of your entire volunteer ministry
Sign up card – editable sign up card you can use to attract interest or help people take a step towards serving
100 volunteer job descriptions – children’s ministry, guest services, worship and admin job descriptions so you can provide written clarity
A 30-day new volunteer checklist – this checklist will help you onboard and connect a new volunteer
Phone call scripts to thank volunteers – call your volunteers for no reason except to say thanks….this script will help you
Twelve done-for-you encouraging emails – send an encouraging email to all of your volunteers at least once a month. If you can cut and paste, you can inspire your volunteers.
Volunteer Training – information you can use to train leaders in your church
Family Ministry Volunteer Application – a Word document application you can customize and use with your children and student ministry teams

You also get REAL church examples and interviews, including:

  • Interview with Louie Lovoy from Northpoint
  • Interview with Amy Leigh Bamburg from Church of the Highlands
  • Interview with Austin Porter from Freedom Church.
  • Case Study on Church of the Highlands
  • Case study on Granger Community Church
  • Case study on Freedom Church
  • Case study on Northpoint Community Church
  • Case study on Frazer United Methodist
  • Case study on Revolution Church

We learned from these great churches and share insights
and ideas in the coaching program


Yes, I want to test drive Volunteer Rocket FREE for 7-Days

Why do I need to try Volunteer Rocket Core Coaching?

That’s easy… here are a few of the benefits your church will see from going through the Volunteer Coaching program.  
1. You will have volunteers. Go through everything and you will have more people involved in ministry than when you started.
2. You will have happy volunteers. We want your volunteers to get speeding tickets on the way to church. Learn what you need to do to make that happen.
3. Giving will increase. When people are engaged in service, they usually become more generous donors. this program will actually pay for itself.
4. You have less stress. When you involve more people and cover more bases, you’ll sleep better at night.
5. Your church will grow. More volunteers means your church can do more ministry. A healthy volunteer culture is one of the most powerful things you can create.
6. You can allocate fewer dollars to staff. When you equip people to do the work of the ministry, you don’t have to hire people to do everything. That means more dollars for ministry, facilities or expansion.
7. You will close the back door. Getting people to the starting point is great, but Volunteer Rocket will help you slam the back door.
8. You’ll get fewer complaint emails. Those Monday morning emails suck the life out of you. When people know what’s expected and they own their ministries, this won’t happen.
9. No more last minute cancellations. If you don’t want the Sunday morning text that lead a frantic phone call, follow this step by step program.
10. Your church will have raving fans. And happy volunteers invite more people to church.
11. You will give people a sense of importance. The body of Christ needs all her parts functioning properly, and there’s nothing like the church when the church is working right.
12. People won’t flame out. A burned out volunteer hurts the reputation of the church and the cause of Christ.

Yes, I want to test drive Volunteer Rocket FREE for 7-Days

Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first pastors to get in on the brand new Volunteer Rocket Coaching Program. It’s limited and exclusive so we can make it the best it can be.


You might be thinking…

1. This is a lot of work. We’ve done a lot of the work for you. Follow the steps and the system will work in your church.
2. I’m too busy to do this. It may seem quicker to do everything yourself, but you are not a superhero. Use this program to create a system so you can work yourself out of a job.
3. It’s too expensive. What’s the cost of scores of volunteers who quit because of burnout? Unlike a lot of training events, your entire staff can benefit from the investment.
4. Won’t fit my culture. We learned best practices from young churches, traditional churches and denominational churches. The principles are transferable.
5. It’s not my job. We’ve found that it’s nobody’s job in a lot of churches. That’s why we created the program to get things working quickly.
6. I’m not a systems person. I’m not a systems person. You don’t have to be a super-organized person or a mechanical engineer to see benefits in your church.
7. We don’t need help. Coaching helps you go further faster. So while you can figure things out on your own, wouldn’t you have done it by now?
8. I’m in something else. That’s great. We love books, conferences and coaching networks. We’ll be here when you are ready..
9. I read blogs. This program is comprehensive and full of helpful information. We cut through all the information and give you a program that will actually work.
10. I’ll do this later. I bet you said that a year ago. There’s no time like the present.

Got a question? Here are the most common queries about the Volunteer Rocket Core Coaching program…

Q: How much will this cost?
We’ve priced the Volunteer Rocket Coaching Program in such a way that nearly every church can participate. PLUS, you can test drive the first module without any commitment because you get to try it out for 7-days. The value of the program is $948, but we have made it available for seven monthly payments of $99.

Q. Will it work at my church?
The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if worked, will lead to results. You may think you’re church is different, but if you have people and you need volunteers, you’re not as different as you think. Churches of all shapes and sizes – rural, urban, young, old, small and large – are using our programs to find success. We help churches just like yours all the time!

Q: What exactly do I get with the Volunteer Rocket Core Coaching program?
You get all the how-to coaching, done-for-you resources, real church examples and interviews. You’ll get an email in your inbox with details on how to access the materials in our exclusive online portal.

Q. What if I decide this isn’t for my church and want a refund?
You don’t pay a dime for 7 days – it’s a FREE test drive. Check out the product for 7 days and if you don’t feel like it is worth it, let us know and we will cancel your order. After 7 days your purchase is final and you’re on your way to a healhty volunteer ministry.

Yes, I want to test drive Volunteer Rocket FREE for 7-Days


  • Having more than enough volunteers
  • Not worrying who will cancel on Saturday night
  • Adding places to serve rather than filling slots
  • A fully organized volunteer ministry that’s ready to scale

Check out what others are saying about our Core Coaching programs…   randallquote@2x   kevinquote@2x

You have nothing to lose. 

Sign up now, and you’ll get 7-days to test drive Volunteer Rocket without paying a cent. You can get the coaching and systems pastors are raving about right now. Just know, you have 7 days to decide if you want to keep the product. If you decide it just doesn’t work and you want to cancel during the first 7 days, that is fine. After 7 days, all sales are final.

Here are some of the churches using Volunteer Rocket to create a healthy volunteer ministry


  1. Revolution Church
  2. Oakbrook Church
  3. Fellowship Bible Church
  4. North Rock Hill Church
  5. Church at The Grove
  6. Brookwood Church
  7. New Horizon Church
  8. Five Oaks Church
  9. Rivertown Community Church
  10. Munger Place Church
  11. The Worship Center Christian Church
  12. Christ Fellowship
  13. C2 Church
  14. Niceville United Methodist Church
  15. Southern Hills Baptist Church
  16. Chestnut Mountain Baptist Church
  17. City Church Tallahassee
  18. Piedmont Church
  19. Providence Road Church of Christ
  20. Campus Church

Yes, I want to test drive Volunteer Rocket FREE for 7-Days