Preaching Rocket 10

From generosity to the unchurched, take your sermons and sermon preparation to the next level with videos, samples, and examples.

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Access ten preaching modules that include in-depth coaching videos and worksheets, designed to set you up for sermon success.

Modules include:

  • Module 1: Anatomy of a Great Sermon with Jeff Henderson
  • Module 2: Preaching with Tension to Keep Their Attention with Jeff Henderson and Gavin Adams
  • Module 3: How to Preach on Generosity with Jake Dukes
  • Module 4: How to Make Your Next Sermon Pressure Free with Gavin Adams
  • Module 5: Fill Up First with Jeff Henderson
  • Module 6: Preaching with Outsiders in Mind with Gavin Adams
  • Module 7: An Outline for Evaluating Sermons with Jeff Henderson
  • Module 8: Preaching to Facilitate Group Growth with Jake Dukes
  • Module 9: Sermon Ideas that Will Attract the Unchurched with Gavin Adams
  • Module 10: How to Get the Most from Your Preaching Team with Jeff Henderson


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