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Discover how the only All-In-One Giving Solution can double your church income

Did you know there's finally a proven way to increase giving in your church? This isn't just a software. It's a solution that will 10X your giving.

"As the lead pastor of the Journey Church, I highly recommend Giving Rocket to all pastors of all church sizes. WHY? Because if you will use the resources they put into your hands, I promise you they will work for you. In fact, in 6 months our overall giving has increased by 50% from $25,000 per week to $38,000 per week in tithes and offerings. In closing, I want to say thank you to Casey and the entire Giving Rocket team for their off-the-charts, GO GOD efforts to see the Kingdom advance through biblical giving."

Daryl Bellar | The Journey Church

"We usually average around $6,500 per week in our offering. Our previous highest regular offering was $8,994. This past Sunday, with no special giving emphasis, we received $13,059 in an undesignated giving! I think it's safe to say, I wish we'd purchased Giving Rocket MONTHS AGO. The giving talks alone, with a little local creativity, are worth the price of the program."

Dale Schaeffer | Bridge Way Community Church

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