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We believe the church should be the most well-funded organization on earth.

Raising Money For Your Church

Our team met on Monday and we need you in on the conversation. We want to REALLY help churches in the last quarter of the year.

Here’s the deal. We hear a lot about stimulating the economy from government officials. We believe there are two economies and they aren’t talking about the one that matters most.

1. The World Economy
2. The Spiritual Economy

We are dedicated to stimulating the spiritual economy in churches all around the world. After two phone calls with broke churches last week, we have shifted gears on how we want to help churches in the last quarter of the year.

We want to help pump 10 Million new dollars into the spiritual economy on December 16, 2012 (including your church).

Yes, you read that right… We want to help the Church raise $10 Million & your church gets to keep the money for ministry. HOWEVER, we need your help.

We have some ideas about how to do it, but they are our ideas. We have coached hundreds of churches through Year End Giving Initiatives in the past and they work well. But we have circled the wagons and decided that we would reach out to you & ask for help.

We want to help your church make Q4 the biggest giving quarter of the year for you.

Will you please write your top two questions about Year End Giving in the comment area below? What would help you most?

Maybe it’s having all the letters written? Maybe it’s personalized coaching? We want to know what you need to have the biggest year end offering you have ever had.

Please let us know your thoughts and what your plans are for your church and year end giving. Thank you for your help and partnering with us to help your church and the spiritual economy!


  1. We are a brand new church plant so this will be our first year end. But we want to start off on the best step possible. Two questions i’m asking: 1)What are the “must follow” steps in budgeting for church plants, and 2)What is the best way to develop a culture of financially wise stewardship at the end of the year. A final question I’d ask is this: What are the best financial practices for a church in a collegiate setting?

  2. Dave Anderson says:

    1) I need the timeline and action steps with completed stuff (email, print pieces etc)
    2) when and how should I collect it?
    3) I know you said two but what are some creative ideas to engage people (video, testimony, facebook campaign, what can I do to get energy and even buzz behind it and pull out all the stops across multiple campuses

  3. I know the end of year has passed, but I am writting anyway since I just stumbled on to this site.

    Our church services mostly the homeless and transitional. We feed them, teach them, have worship service with them, and provide a place where the not so pretty among us can worship without being looked down upon. Right now, we are struggling to keep our facility, and the bank is putting pressur on us. I am burnt out, and need ways of bringing in revenu since these people have very little ot give. Just about all of the people with good jobs and money decided to go elsewhere and give their money to to churches that already have enough. they have let the rest of us with a mountain of debt and a great work. How do we solicit steady funding? How do we grow our membership? How do I keep my sanity?

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