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New Church Giving Statistics Revealed

Church Giving Stats Revealed

The premise of the the Church Giving Survey was to look at how churches are doing financially & what was influencing their giving.  I have to say that I was surprised at the data that came back.

Here is what surprised me:

1. 86% of churches are BROKE or BEHIND budget 

The study reveals only 14% of churches are ahead of budget.  This is a problem.  86% of churches are just existing… Jump over to the survey page & find out why.

2. Increasing church giving isn’t difficult

The study reveals 5 key influencers on church giving.  All 5 of the influencers can be implemented by any church of any size.

3. The 14% of churches ahead of budget act the same

The churches exceeding budget are different in their demographics but the same in how they operate.  I didn’t think it would be like this but it was.  It shocked me to see that there really is a formula you can use to increase church giving.

I’m in starbucks… Check this out:


About Casey Graham

After several years on staff at a church, Casey decided to step down to start a business that would serve the Church and its leaders. He’s our fearless leader and keeps us moving in the right direction to help the Church succeed. He’s married to Kacie (yes, they’re Casey and Kacie) and they have two kids, Darby and Gage. When not leading our team, he’s a diehard University of Alabama football fan – Roll Tide!


  1. I know which Starbucks that video was taken! 🙂

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    Interested in the information on Church Giving?


  1. […] New Church Giving Statistics Revealed by Casey Graham.  Casey, the founder of Giving Rocket, surveyed over 1,000 churches on the subject of giving.  You have to sign up and get his free report.  The findings will both shock you and confirm some things you know intuitively. […]

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