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Giving Rocket
We believe the church should be the most well-funded organization on earth.

Get Coaching And Resources To Increase Giving And Offerings In Your Church – FREE for 30 Days With Use of Promo Code: TRIAL

Are you tired of preaching your guts out about money and people not responding? You’re not alone… When your vision is much larger than your bank account, you’re frustrated. That frustration leads to:

  • Unnecessary spending freezes
  • Limited money for ministry
  • Inability to hire much needed staff
  • Worrying about what to do next

Because you have many responsibilities the important job of funding the mission isn’t happening. That’s why…

  • We pay attention to the calendar and tell you what to send to your donors and when to send it.
  • We create resources that you can customize or use as-is in your church.
  • We train your staff and key leaders on how they can be part of the solution to increase church giving.

The Giving Rocket Coaching Program Helps You Talk About Money and Have More Money For Ministry

“We usually average around $6,500 per week in our offering. Our previous highest regular offering was $8,994. This past Sunday, with no special giving emphasis, we received $13,059.15 in un-designated giving! I think it’s safe to say, I wish we’d joined Giving Rocket months ago. The giving talks alone, with a little local creativity, are worth the price of membership.”

Dale Schaeffer
Bridge Way Community Church




Giving Rocket is a twelve-month coaching program with 12 modules & scheduled days of consulting from our team on increasing operational giving.

All 12 modules come with a coaching video, listening guide and an eBook so you can share the information with your team. Whether you want to listen, watch or read, we make it easy for you.

: How to Have a Financial Strategy

In this first module you will learn:
  • How to build a financial funding plan for the next twelve months
  • How to create clear financial vision for your staff, elders, deacons or financial team
  • How to write out the top three financial objectives for your church & have everyone focused on them
You will get immediate access to:
  • Coaching videos
  • Video listening guides
  • A complete eBook you can send to your team to read before you discuss the coaching in this module
  • Access to our resource vault with over $750 of FREE downloads & resources for you to use immediately

Try this absolutely FREE when you use promo code: TRIAL


Check out all of the other modules you get!

Module 2: Creating a Plan to Get Money
  • You will create an annual funding plan in this module.
  • The Annual Funding Plan: a step-by-step action item list to help you accomplish your financial goals for the year
Module 3: How to Get People to Give
  • You will learn the five reasons people give to a church
  • Discover how to communicate to each type of giver from the stage on the weekend & in written communications
Module 4: The #1 Way to Get More Money for Ministry
  • We have surveyed over 1,000 churches & found out the #1 way to get more people to give to your church.
  • This module alone will pay for your investment in Giving Rocket for years to come.
Module 5: Giving Made Easy
  • People give when they have many options to give.
  • We will teach you how to be “giver friendly” by providing simple tools that will attract new types of donors.
Module 6: How to Create Happy Givers
  • This module will give you the best follow up practices for givers to make them happy to give again to your church.
  • We will provide all the templates & written donor communications that you can just copy, paste & send to donors
Module 7: How to Attract High Impact Givers
  • We have found that just about every church has a few people that can be high impact givers this next year if you do what we teach you in this module.
  • Learn how to disciple how impact givers without manipulating them to give, it’s a fine line!
Module 8: Three Sundays That Will Revolutionize Your Bank Account
  • There are three times a year that you can take up a special offering & make it highly impactful for the giver & the church.
  • We will give you a communication packet for each one of these Sundays & the coaching to pull them off.
Module 9: Help Your Congregation Win Financially
  • This module will give you a personal financial training system for the people in your church.
  • We will teach you how to help people with their spending, debt, savings & giving.
Module 10: How to Preach on Money (And Do It Well)
  • This module will teach you the delicate art of preaching on money & preaching well.
  • We will give you well thought out sermon series & messages that will make it easy for you to preach effective.
Module 11: Building the Best Board or Finance Team in Town
  • This module will teach you how to pick the right finance team members and fire the wrong ones
  • You will learn who to recruit to these teams & we promise it isn’t just bankers & accountants
Module 12: Church Budgeting Made Simple
  • We will teach you a fool proof way to create margin in your next budget
  • We will help you eliminate complication & know exactly how to budget in a way that your staff will love.



We will also give you a TON of done-for-you documents, communication pieces, graphics and more. Stuff like:

  • Web, screen and print graphics for a Christmas and Easter offering
  • Letters and emails to send to first time givers, regular givers and those who make significant contribution
  • Templates to send out contribution statements that people will actually read
  • A ready to use giving brand (if you don’t know what that is and why it’s important, you’re a perfect candidate for coaching)
  • Spreadsheets and forms to help you improve financial systems in the church
  • Offering envelopes templates ready for you to customize and use
  • Tons more…seriously, that’s just not the required last bullet point.

“I believe giving rocket has been one of the greatest resources to come out for pastors.”

- Justin Trapp



We’ve priced the Core Coaching Program in such a way that nearly every church can participate.
It’s the best practical content on church giving at an affordable price. The monthly invest is $99/month or receive a discount & pay $897 for the entire year.

YOU MIGHT BE THINKING: “We don’t have $99 a month.”

If you don’t have the money this is PERFECT for your church. We created this program because WE KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY. If this investment can lead to more money for ministry then it’s a good investment, not just an expense.

YOU MIGHT BE ASKING: “How do I know it will work at my church?”

The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if worked, will lead to results. We have seen giving increase in hundreds of churches that have gone through the program – just check out the stories all over this page of real churches.

YOU MIGHT BE THINKING: “My church is different.”

You think you’re church is different, but if you have people and you need money, you’re not as different as you think. Churches of all shapes & sizes – rural, urban, young, old, small & large – are Giving Rocket members and find success. We help churches just like yours.

YOU MIGHT WONDER: “What if I want to cancel?”

We offer a 30-day money-back promise. In the first 30 days, if you don’t feel like our program is worth it, we will simply refund your investment. Our coaching program is a 12-month commitment. We don’t offer a “cancel anytime” option because, frankly, it isn’t best for the church. We want you to know what you’re getting into, and we want to serve you well throughout the year.


  • Being able to fully fund the vision God has put on your heart
  • Not worrying about meeting payroll
  • Hiring the staff you need to reach more people
  • Not having to put the purchase orders in a hold folder

If you think this is expensive, check this story out:

“We’ve been with Giving Rocket for less than a year and we have begun several healthy practices that we have gotten from you guys – quarterly giving statements, offering intros, first time giver letter/notes, and connecting with significant givers. Our giving has increased over 30% from last fall to this spring.”

Scott Sparks
The Grove Church, @scott_sparks


We think joining the Giving Rocket Core Coaching program is the best decision you could make when it comes to finances.

The resources alone are worth the investment. But don’t take our word for it. Here is feedback from actual pastors who have gone through the program:

“After becoming a Giving Rocket member in January 2012 and attending the Giving Rocket Tour, we have seen our weekly giving double by implementing the simple actions steps and coaching from the Giving Rocket team.”

Bobby Williams
Ridge Church

“I know that I’ve told you this before but Giving Rocket is make a huge difference in making disciples at our church. This is bigger than our offerings going up, which they have in a big way, to us this is about making fully devoted disciples of Jesus. Money is a big part of that!”

Chris Hornbrook
Momentum Christian Church



Watch This Video Of How Giving Rocket Helps Pastor Josh Bingle

So… You have nothing to lose by trying this out for 30 days…

Just know, you have 30 days to decide if you want to do the entire year. If you decide you want to cancel during the first 30 days, that is fine. After 30 days, you are committing to be a part for a year.