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We believe the church should be the most well-funded organization on earth.

Giver Appreciation Kit

We have been asked for a long time, “What should I send people who give to my church to show we appreciate them?”

Well, after looking for a good solution, we decided to create it:

What Happens When You Give
Quick facts:

1. It’s personalized (thank you note included)

2. It’s inexpensive (under $3 per family)

3. It’s inspirational (44 page booklet people will actually read)



Check out the video of the kit NOW!

We highly recommend that you appreciate your donors and we think this is a great way to do just that.

Get Fired Up!

P.S. FREE shipping on our new Giver Appreciation Kit this month. Grab a case!

About Casey Graham

After several years on staff at a church, Casey decided to step down to start a business that would serve the Church and its leaders. He’s our fearless leader and keeps us moving in the right direction to help the Church succeed. He’s married to Kacie (yes, they’re Casey and Kacie) and they have two kids, Darby and Gage. When not leading our team, he’s a diehard University of Alabama football fan – Roll Tide!


  1. We got two cases on Friday and during our Tuesday staff break yesterday we did 60+ of the thank you cards and mailed them all to our first time givers since January to get caught up and now we will stay on track and will be ordering more copies for first time givers. Thanks for the great resource.

    • Nice job Riverside Church!

    • , My heart is saddened and my pryaers are filled with love. I no longer attend BNC. Not because anything that has happened,or because I was offended. But because seasons change and my season at BNC, serving in the children’s ministry is over. It broke my heart to leave those kids, and my beloved church family. And it breaks my heart to know that there is a full-fledged attack by Satan on this church. We are like rubberbands, we can stretch. The Lord knows our limits, He will never give you anything that you cannot handle. I don’t know about anyone else, but I KNOW my God is bigger than this. He has a plan. Lamentations 3:38 Does not the Most High send both calamity and good? He knows what he’s doing. Be patient, do not demand your own way, keep no record of being wronged, rejoice when truth wins out, never give up, never lose faith, ENDURE THROUGH EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE. That is love! We are called to love.The staff are in my pryaers.Shannon you and your family are in my pryaers.And the heart and vision of the church are in my pryaers.And all of you are in my heart.LP on 13 March 2009 / 7:41 AM

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