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The Deadly Sins of Fundraising: Sin 1-Lack of Clarity

Church leaders are often baffled as to why people don’t give as faithfully and consistently as they should to their church. After years of studying this and watching churches that are funded become more funded and churches that are broke […]

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How Halloween Can Help You Take Back October As A Pastor

October. Current host to Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, Autumn (in my kneck of the woods), college football, National Pizza Month, and of course, Halloween. Halloween…lot’s of controversy here in the Christian community, especially in the family space. I’ll not get […]

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Guide To Fundraising – Own It or No One Will


I used to work in an organization where my co-workers and I were always coming up with new ideas. If you walked around our office or sat in one of our staff meetings, you’d consistently hear phrases like: “We should […]

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