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How To Grow Your Church With Fantastic Worship Services-Whiteboard Session

Is your worship team holding back your worship service? In this Whiteboard Session, Todd Fields talks about gifting and leadership, and helps you identify how to get the right people on your team, and how to have conversations that may […]

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How To Skyrocket Giving This Summer-Whiteboard Session

April and May are the pre-summer giving months, and the steps you take during this critical time, will make all the difference in whether or not your giving will take a nose dive this summer. In this week’s whiteboard session, […]

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RocketCast 016: How To Increase Giving With The Most Overlooked Time Of Your Service

The few minutes just before you take up the offering each week, is often the least planned time of your weekend service, but could have the most impact on your weekly giving.  Casey Graham talks about how to do a […]

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