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10 Volunteer Interview Questions

Looking to beef up your volunteer recruitment, training, and empowerment process? Let’s start by taking a look at your selection process. If you’ve been on a church staff for a while, chances are good that you’ve gotten “that volunteer.” You […]

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4 Easy Ways To Increase Donations In Your Church

You ever feel a knot in your stomach when you invite your church to give during the offering time? Heeeeeere we go again… That feeling is fear mixed with a splash of insecurity. Every pastor can relate. There are A […]

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20 Ways To Elevate Your Worship Music

Todd Fields, who is the director of all worship music at a 36,000-person church in Atlanta, North Point Community Church, goes content overload on ways that any church can improve their worship music. Todd is has teamed up with some superstars […]

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