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3 Roadblocks To Powerful Worship Services-Whiteboard Session

There’s nothing more emotionally deflating for a worship leader or pastor than to look around during a church service and see—for lack of a better phrase—the worship service sedation. There’s the guy cramming powdered doughnuts in his mouth during How […]

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How To Be A Better Storyteller-Whiteboard Session

If you want to grab your congregation’s attention quickly, use stories. If you want to make it easier for them to remember your sermons, use stories. Jesus was a master storyteller. If He used stories to help his followers understand […]

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Contest For Preachers – Win Logos 6 Bible Software and Preaching Rocket FREE!

Do you want the ultimate preaching resource bundle, absolutely free? We thought so…see below and make sure to pay special attention to the last step:) Register here for Preach Better Sermons and be instantly registered to win: Logos 6 Bible […]

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