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How To Make Easter Your Biggest Giving Day Of The Year

Easter is one of the biggest evangelistic opportunities of the year for your church. But, it’s also one of the biggest giving opportunities of the year. So how do you balance the two and not run newcomers off? Casey explains […]

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How To Get Ahead On A Pastor’s Salary

Most pastors spend so much of their time helping others, that they neglect helping themselves. One of the biggest areas this happens with is personal finances. How? Busyness creeps in and before we know it, we haven’t saved any money […]

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How To Find Your Unique Preaching Voice – Whiteboard Wednesday

As pastors and church leaders, we have a unique opportunity to stand up and speak in front of people. For many of us though, we aren’t aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our own preaching “voice” or style. The […]

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